This is what a boy looks like now: who broke several sports records at the age of 7

Interessante Gerüchte

Due to the stunts he pulled, this child enjoyed a long period of fame on the Internet.

It would be impossible for even glorified pitching to master what it could.

Given that it has been 10 years since these films and pictures were taken, many people are curious to know what happened to this youngster.

Romania is where Giuliano Store was born in 2004. He was able to stand on his hands and perform push-ups without assistance at the age of six.

The child could stand horizontally on his hands and practiced weightlifting vigorously.

After ten years, Giuliano still loves sports. He continues to accomplish feats of magic that are unfathomable to many people.

He participated in a number of events when he was 6-7 years old, winning every time and setting records.

The young athlete began boxing at age 11, giving up weightlifting. Giuliano discusses his accomplishments on his social media platforms and has learned a lot over this period of networks.

The teenager, who is 16 today, has already triumphed in two games.

It won’t take him long to reach the gold medal if he wins the third game, for which he will be awarded a silver medal.

As his father guided him from the beginning of the journey, Giuliano must give his father credit for his success.

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