This is what a miracle daughter looks like when dad is from Africa and mom is Vietnamese

Positive Schwingungen

Le Thu Phuong is an active young woman from Vietnam. CJ is a young Nigerian man with a good sense of humor.

It would seem that fundamentally different people cannot be together, however, fate decided otherwise and brought them together.

CJ has his own video blog on YouTube, where he posts interesting videos on various topics and comments on football matches.

„Daughter, look how the guy speaks perfect English,“ the father shared with Phuong and showed him one of the videos.

The girl did not attach any importance to this, but after a few days, she met the blogger.

The girl was walking in the local park with her friends. When she saw CJ, she immediately realized that in front of her was the same guy from the network.

Le Thu liked the young man for his attention, his trepidation, and his humor. Soon the couple decided to legalize the relationship, and a little later the baby was born.

The girl has a captivating appearance that attracts attention. But the family periodically has to listen to criticism of interracial marriage, but young people no longer pay attention to it.

They are sure that the important thing is not the appearance of a person, but his inner world. The girl is proud of her husband and her baby, who absorbed the best features of the appearance of both parents

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