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You Will Be Speechless When You Find Out What This Man Did When He Saw His Dog Fall Into The Sea

When we love, we do not count, and we can react instinctively, without thinking of the danger, when we want to help them.

This is how this man felt when he saw that his dog was in danger. He did not hesitate, and they were both able to be rescued afterward by professionals.

The man and his girlfriend were strolling on the Noordpier pier in Velsen-Noord, the Netherlands.

Suddenly the dog fell into the water. Neither one nor two, its owner jumped into the sea despite the danger to save his beloved animal.

He spent a night in the hospital and has since returned home safe and sound, his son wrote in the comments on Facebook.

„On behalf of my father and mine, I would especially like to thank the rescue team and the surfers.

My father is fine and has returned home safe and sound after a night in the hospital.

I want to thank you so much for being so brave to save my father. You are our heroes!”

The dog was also taken care of by the rescuers, he was able to warm up in the ambulance and is doing well.

Jumping out of a port this way, without knowing exactly what is on it, is dangerous.

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