This Japanese girl is only 8 years old and wants to become the best drummer in the world

Interessante Gerüchte

A girl named Yoyoka Soma is three times fortunate.

Firstly, she was born into a family of musicians and singers, and thus from the earliest days, she was surrounded by music.

Secondly, at the age of 4, Yoyoka was tasked with playing at a concert as part of a family group, so she has a lot of experience.

And, thirdly, no one complains at home when the girl practices the drums: an extremely important moment in the career of a future star.

A recent video in which she performs the percussion part for Led Zeppelin’s composition „Good Times Bad Times“ has spread on the Internet.

And everyone was wondering: who is this young talent?

Yoyoka started making music at the age of two, beating the rhythms of her parents‘ songs on a toy drum.

And when she turned 4, she performed on stage as part of the „Kaneaiyoyoka“ group. The girl wants very little: to become the best drummer in the world!

And she has all the chances, because besides the talent of a musician, Yoyoka has a very valuable trait: the interest of the audience.

Now the girl is actively studying musical sciences and English.

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