This lost puppy knocks on the door of a Naval Base and meets the man of her dreams


Griffon had only ever known a stray dog’s existence until he was six months old.

However, he struck it lucky and wound up in a military camp abroad.

He and the soldier had a real love affair, and the soldier wanted to provide him with the house he deserved.

At the foreign naval base where he was stationed throughout his tour, a US Navy commander one day discovered a shocking discovery.

A cute puppy that was just six months old was seeking people’s attention.

He soon understood that in this hostile environment, the poor creature had little chance of survival.

As soon as he grabbed her in his arms, a genuine relationship was created between them.

The Good Samaritan adopted the young boy, whom he named Griffin, and brought him back to the base.

And it grew more and more obvious that they were one.

The commander, whose time abroad is coming to a close, wished above all else to be able to formally adopt it.

In order to ensure that animals saved from the battlefields have a bright future in the United States, he turned to Paws of War, a non-profit organization.

The charity declared that the Griffon will soon have a home after the puppy was vaccinated, and recognized, the paperwork was handled, and he was shipped to Maryland.

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