This man became a father at 94: his story amazed and surprised everyone

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Ramjit Raghav was born in 1916 in the northern part of India. He participated in sports heavily as a young guy, worked as a professional wrestler, and eventually entered law enforcement.

He worked as an investigator for a considerable amount of time.

He had no time left for his private life. He never considered having children before retiring; this was a first.

Shakuntala has been a friend of Ramjit Raghav’s since he was 18 years old. But the girl was engaged in a committed relationship at the time.

Shakuntala was abandoned after nearly 30 years. Then she and Ramjit began having an affair. The couple soon got hitched.

They began to reside on a farm where they raised cattle and farmed.

Ramjit and Shakuntala welcomed their first child in 2010. Then, other media outlets started to report about an uncommon married pair, and the 94-year-old farmer was dubbed the world’s oldest parent.

Even visitors began to visit the farm. They spoke with the couple and presented gifts.

Shakuntala learned she was expecting again about a year and a half later. This time, the parents desired a girl, but destiny bestowed upon them a second heir. A healthy boy was born in 2012.

Early in 2020, Ramjit passed away. The record holder was 104 years old at the time. And no one has yet to surpass him as the „oldest father in the world.“

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