This man has saved over a thousand dogs: He still has about 750 shelter animals waiting for him

Interessante Gerüchte

Serbians are constantly dealing with stray animals.

Even though he was struggling financially, he was constantly considering how he could assist them.

He had little money because he was a menial worker.

Over 1,000 canines were ultimately assisted by the Serbs, but 750 of them are still in need of rescue.

He developed into one of the nation’s most vocal animal advocates.

He feels that all animals should receive aid and care.

In addition, he assembled a small group of six people.

In order to provide the animals with warmth and comfort, they opened a shelter together.

He made the decision to start the shelter after spotting two abandoned puppies on the side of the road while returning from work and clearly in need of assistance.

Sasha is his name. Thanks to donations from kind people, the shelter is able to operate.

He approaches his work in a very responsible manner.

He sends each dog—who he knows by name—for sterilization and the installation of a unique chip.

Sasha has saved 1200 dogs throughout the years. 400 of these animals have owners, while the remaining 750 are still looking.

Sascha wasn’t prepared for there to be so many stray animals when he started the shelter. Sascha truly is a hero.

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