This offended newlywed couple sent a £204 bill to their absentee guests

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This Offended Newlywed Couple Sent A £204 Bill To Their Absentee Guests

Marriage is sacred! Beware if you are conspicuous by your absence on this big day!

Some couples can’t stand you not honoring the invitation.

This is the case of Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee who really did not appreciate that their guests let them down for the best day of their lives!

In retaliation for these phantom guests, the newlyweds decided to mark the occasion. It’s the least we can say!

They have indeed chosen to send an invoice for 240 dollars, or 204 euros, to the unscrupulous who canceled at the last minute, without warning.

The ceremony of a wedding, especially a banquet, is often the most expensive, as reported by the New York Post.

It was therefore quite simply to do himself justice that he thought it’s best to charge the meal to his guests, who ultimately did not do the honor of their presence.

This is an invoice that has made the rounds of the web. Fortunately, in an outpouring of generosity, the groom offers a month to pay the bill.

Doug Simmons also explains that the amount corresponds to the price of the reserved seat and the wedding meal. He also indicates that the guests did not take care to warn of this change.

The family of the newlyweds supports the couple in their approach.

Doug Simmons and Dedra McGee would also have received the support of many internet users. In any case, some friendships may not swallow the bill!

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