This one year old tot already has impressive snowboarding skills: she has incredible balance

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In an effort to nurture a love of the sport in their daughter Maeve, Melissa and John, who are also snowboarders, recently brought Maeve to Park City Mountain Ski Resort.

When did the parents learn that their child is a genius in this area and has a sixth sense of where to stand on the board to avoid being slapped?

The pictures show Maeve sliding down a little slope while donning a turquoise ski outfit, pink gloves, big goggles, and a white helmet.

Despite the obvious challenges of the task, the young skater in the video has a contagious smile on his face and skates as if he were utterly unburdened by it.

John explains, „We want to give our kids the freedom to do anything they want with their family.

The amazing father continued, „My son Johnny began snowboarding the same week he was 14 months old and learned to walk.

Maeve enjoys moving quickly, smiles, and makes hilarious noises and chuckles that make everyone around her laugh.

Although we’d want for our children to share our love of snowboarding, our goal is for them to enjoy themselves on the slopes rather than trying to raise future Olympians or participants in the World Extreme Games.

Snowboarding is a wonderful and liberating activity that you can do to unwind, clear your mind, and build relationships with your crew.

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