This police department allows people to pay their parking ticket with donations to shelter cats

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Police officers, parking tickets, and cats in the same sentence does not seem like a pleasant ending, does it?

In this situation, though, that is precisely what it is.

Though, police are proven to be nothing but kind people. And it’s a heartwarming story.

What’s the reason? The Muncie Police Department in Muncie, Indiana, chose to express their love for cats in such a wonderful way.

Instead of taxing people who park in prohibited locations, police officers enable them to settle their debts by donating to a local animal shelter.

Donations of food, blankets, litter, beds, or other cat items can be made directly to Muncie Animal Care & Services in the amount of fine.

The wonderful idea came to the Police Department when the local shelter complained about the overpopulation of cats during the summer months.

And, because their funds are limited, the shelter voiced concern about meeting the standards of taking care of its present felines, let alone the ones that were going to be brought in.

As a result, the kind officers resolved to assist. We must confess, this was an outstanding gesture of charity!

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