This teenager spends six years digging an underground house in the garden

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A 14-year-old teenager, Andres Canto, built an underground house following a conflict with his parents.

The argument was over wearing a tracksuit to the local village which his parents forbade him to do.

To express his frustration, he used his grandfather’s pickaxe and dug in the ground of the garden for six years to build his own underground cave.

With the help of his friend Andreu, he acquired a jackhammer and worked 14 hours a week to make the construction faster.

He faced challenges like encountering big rocks but set up a system of pulleys to lift the rubble.

At 20, Andres is now an actor and is satisfied with his construction which he says cost 50 euros.

He feels free and independent as he was a child with a great imagination.

According to psychologist Elisabeth Brami, the relationship between a teenager and a parent can be rocky and conflictual.

Brami compares teenagers to severe burn victims and says that the teenage years generate a lot of pain.

To improve the dialogue between parents and teenagers, she advises parents to change their point of view and try to make a contract with them instead of repeating the same invectives over and over again.

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