This woman with her three beautiful daughters had never cut her long hair: hairdresser was in shock

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The response was astounding when this mom and her three lovely daughters went to the hairdresser for the first time with their long hair.

The tale of Rapunzel is well known, and each of us is familiar with it. The woman had grown out her hair from birth.

She maintained her tale and kept cutting her daughters‘ hair after getting married and having three kids.

Their hair was so thick and long that his prince had no trouble climbing.

Her girls demonstrated that it was true, despite everyone else’s claims that it was impossible. Their mother Édite, who was already 45 years old, was regarded as the Rapunzels‘ heroine along with her three lovely daughters.

The mother and her daughters once received awards for their long hair. How much hair did they have?

They had hair that was 82 inches long, or 8 feet 4 inches. They made the decision to see the hairdresser one day.

The hairdresser was shocked and/or surprised when she saw the woman. Their hair was in good shape, the hairdresser said.

Because she wanted a change, the mother made the decision to cut her hair. They are so beautiful and amazing. Their hair is incredible.

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