This wonderful story of a soldier who invited his service dog to his wedding is fabulous

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Although they are regarded as people’s best friends, dogs can occasionally carry your engagement ring.

A soldier and his incredible service dog had such a strong bond that the veteran felt compelled to include the dog in unusual ways on his wedding day.

When Martin was in the hospital, he only had one opportunity to recover.

A humanitarian organization matches assistance dogs with military personnel.

They partnered with Gaby and Martin. Martin explained, „The less I use my wheelchair, the more I need his help with little things.“

I was aware that was quite reassuring. He made himself known as a valuable friend and comforter very fast.

A service dog needs to learn how to constantly be happy and how to love the person they will be permanently connected to.

Gaby was excitedly pacing the floor when Martin walked into the room the first time they met.

Gaby decided to go to Martin and his significant other’s wedding since she felt it was proper.

Martin asked his adorable puppy to be close to him on his special day and offered him a prominent position: the best man.

While other people utilize their four-legged friends as ring bearers or just as guests.

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