This young man used warm words and quick actions to save a stranger

Interessante Gerüchte

Meet Alex Conrad, a strong and honorable young man who, through a selfless act, saved the life of a woman.

The brave man saw a woman on the Main Street Bridge at 11 o’clock.

Standing by the railing, the untrustworthy woman observed the Chippewa River roaring below.

Conrad initially assumed she was going fishing because she was carrying a backpack.

But when he drove his car home, he wondered why she needed to go fishing at night.

The sympathetic 20-year-old pulled over right away and hurried to ask the woman for her story.

Conrad noticed the woman, who was between 20 and 25 years old, was in terrible shape as he hurried up to her. She saw a rope around her neck and fastened it to the bridge post on opposite sides.

It came out that the woman’s unemployment and a host of unresolvable issues were the main reasons why she was sick and bored with life.

The shrewd gentleman sought to chat with the woman despite the woman’s aggressive attitude.

Kind Conrad was able to conduct the chat with such composure that even the woman chuckled briefly.

He began by emphasizing that everyone experiences highs and lows in life, and then went on to discuss his mistakes and accomplishments.


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