Three girlfriends with the same character trait have been together for 100 years

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When Woodrow Wilson served as President of the United States 100 years ago, women were still not permitted to vote or participate in elections.

In Auburn, Maine, three daughters with the name Dorothy were born in 1919.

They went to the same school and shared a diploma. They are currently commemorating their meeting’s 100th anniversary, which occurred 100 years ago.

In fact, two of Dorothy Buchanan, Dorothy Kehn, and Dorothy Murray still reside in the Oberen homes that belonged to their parents.

„I’m still also young. I don’t think I’m older than 16,“ Dorothy Kern claims. After graduating from Beistsa College, Dorothy Kehn worked for the student publication before moving on to the Lewiston Sun Journal.

During World War II, Dorothy Buchanan worked as the American Red Cross‘ executive secretary while attending business school. Dorothy Murray has always delighted in socializing.

Three women usually pose the same query to themselves when they come together. „How do you feel?“ is usually met with the same response: „Good.“

They advise embracing individuals as they are in order to create a successful business. Age is not important to create new things in your life.

Enjoy your life at any age in anywhere.

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