To support his protege the coach gained more than 30 kg: They had to lose weight together

Interessante Gerüchte

Although they are not the first to employ this strategy, trainer Hill and his lovely client Alice have inspired confidence in individuals all over the world.

They asserted that the coach didn’t grasp their issues. He put on 34 kg as a result in order to lose weight with his charges.

The trainer found it quite challenging, but it significantly altered his life.

Inspired, Drew developed the Fit to Fat to Fit project, a study in which 10 personal trainers from various locations all over the world initially put on weight before losing it with clients.

The undertaking is still active today.

One of the project’s most well-known participants is Adonis Hill. He made the decision to „walk in the shoes“ of an obese man in order to comprehend him better.

When the coach first saw Alice, he noticed right away that this was preventing her from losing weight, and it came out that she was utterly doubtful of her talents.

She believed she couldn’t lose weight, so Hill made the decision to demonstrate how to do it herself.

Despite being in excellent form, our lovely hero gained 30 kg in just four months.

He stopped to work out completely and consumed 6,000 to 7,000 calories per day in the eating process



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