Touching video of a dog missing for 10 months who is reunited with his family: heartwarming moment


Conway was a devoted family pet, and his death devastated the entire household. After ten long months of research, they had given up hope of ever seeing him again.

However, a miracle occurred owing to an electronic dog chip.

Conway was proudly owned by Taylor and Emmitt Butts until his enigmatic disappearance on November 11, 2021.

The couple looked in vain for their cherished puppy while they were living in Highlands County in the US state of Florida.

Thirty miles from Taylor and Emmitt’s house, on September 13, 2022, a stray dog is discovered and the sheriff’s office is called about it ten months later.

Officers set out to apprehend the animal, which appeared to be frail and malnourished.

They were able to reach the owners, who could not believe their ears, after scanning the electrical chip found on his neck.

The happiness in the offices is evident in a video that the police released on their social media pages.

The pair was so ecstatic that they really fell to the ground.

Conway only realized he had reached his family and that his roaming was finally finished after a few brief seconds.

After being alone or in the terrible company for ten months, the dog has undergone physical alteration.

He needed to build up his strength because he was so weak. His owner brought him to the doctor to be looked at.

Conway was given supplements to help him regain his previous vitality, but fortunately, he is healthy.

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