This cute and unique trio of an identical black spotted horse pony and dog is so strong that admires everyone


Seeing a cute friendship between different species is so exciting.

It brings smiles to our faces and we understand that it has no limits.

The heroes of our story are about the wonderful trio of pony, horse and a dog.

These three strangers became friends due to their identical black-spotted fur.

These cuties even have names and all of them are so unique and sweet.

All of them are sweet and unique! They admire millions of people with their attachment to each other!

They like spending time together by running and playing.

Running is their favorite activity! Greetje from the Netherlands is a horse trainer who has a daughter.

Their favorite activity is taking care of animals and they do it with love!

Wishing to have a Dalmatian dog from the childhood now her dream came true!

The pony with black spots is the example of it!

We are sure you are amazed and happy to see such kind of cute animals befriending and feeling good with each other.

This is another proof that all the animals are able to become friends with each other!

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