Twin sisters who became famous for their gorgeous hair: what are their occupations now

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Cyprian Kwann and TK Wonder, the twin sisters who turned heads with their stunning afro hair, once despised their own locks.

They, like many other young girls, were convinced that straight, tamed hair was the epitome of beauty. However, this changed when the sisters, along with their friend Nikisha Brunson, launched the blog Urban Bush Babies.

The twins‘ journey toward embracing their natural hair was not easy. They had spent years trying to straighten their hair and conform to society’s beauty standards. However, Cypriana eventually quit her modeling career, tired of fighting against herself. It was then that they decided to embrace their hair, stop trying to change it, and started Urban Bush Babies.

Their Instagram pages are now followed by tens of thousands of people, and they use their platform to inspire others to love their natural beauty.

The sisters and their friends write about everything from hair and fashion to art. Their blog aims to change people’s minds about the afro hairstyle and break down stereotypes and pejorative ideas surrounding it.

Their beauty is now admired worldwide, and they have forgotten their past doubts. The sisters are now passionately and ambitiously pursuing their goals, using their own experiences as a way to empower and uplift others.

In conclusion, Cyprian Kwann and TK Wonder are excellent examples of how embracing one’s natural beauty can lead to personal growth and societal change.

Their story shows how a simple decision to love oneself can inspire others to do the same, breaking down stereotypes and promoting diversity in beauty.

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