Twins born with different skin colors are already 6 years old: let’s see how they are living now

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Genetics is an amazing science and has yet to be fully explored. Spouses Kyle and Hannah from the UK were convinced. A few years ago, the story of this family was in all the newspapers and on television.

After all, the couple had twins with different skin colors. For the parents themselves, it was also a surprise, although friends of the spouses more than once joked and assumed such a possibility. After all, the father of a half-blood family.

And it happened – the predictions of friends came true. After birth, baby Mila’s skin began to darken, while Anaya remained fair. As the doctors explained, the girls are fraternal twins, because one received more genes from the father, the other from the mother.

Every year, the attention to girls became more and more important, often people asked their parents if Mila and Anaya were parents.

At one point, the family was even harassed by journalists. At the moment, the little ones are already 6 years old, and the annoying attention from others has gradually subsided, although parents are still worried about the behavior of classmates toward girls.

They worry about ridicule and other issues.

Now the sisters differ not only in skin color but also in height and physique. Features of intrauterine development also played a role here.

By the way, Hannah and Kyle had two more daughters. Now my father lives in a real flower garden.

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