Twins reunited with their biological parents after flight: they didn’t believe

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To combat poverty in his nation, a Chilean tyrant long ago decided to disobey the law.

But he chose a strange approach, rather than creating new opportunities and encouraging further education.

He just kidnapped babies or young children from their parents and placed them through a large network for illegitimate adoption.

Élan and Micah Nardi, newborn twins, too endured the brutal deeds of this administration. In 1986, they were separated from their mother and enrolled among 8 to 20 thousand other kids.

From the 1970s to the 1980s, the majority of the abducted children were transported to families in North America or Europe.

It comes out that they were taken away by the government when their mother brought them to the hospital to have one of them examined and treated.

They simply snatched them and asked the mother to wait while they opened the door in her face.

The young mother was disappointed because it was the final time she would ever see her twins.

They were transported to Massachusetts, where they resided with their adopted family for 36 years.

However, they made the decision to look for their ancestors after learning about the Chilean twin brothers‘ strict diet on television.

They soon learned who they really were, and they made the decision to travel there to look for their mother.

The heartwarming moment came when they were able to embrace and kiss their birth mother, who had been waiting for them for 36 years.

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