Twins were born hand in hand: it’s love from the beginning of life and they are still inseparable

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Because Jenna and Gillian were born holding hands, these babies, who were born several years ago, gained international attention.

The closest and dearest people today are the girls because they have already grown up. Such a situation is extremely unusual.

It is exceedingly perilous for twins to be born in an amniotic sac inside the mother’s womb; frequently, one of them dies in such situations.

The gap between the two girls is measured in mere seconds, and when they were born, the newborns clutched hands and left everyone in the room dumbfounded.

„When I saw this, my heart melted, and my husband had tears in his eyes,“ the mother of the twins recalled.

Even hospital employees were impacted. After years, not much has changed; they are still close.

„The girls seem to have an unexplainable bond. They hold hands frequently and are constantly together. They start to cry if you try to separate them or deal with each of them separately.

According to Sarah, the girl’s mother, „They just can’t live without each other.“

Jackson never gets them mixed up since he always knows who Jenna and Gillian are and corrects his parents when they’re mistaken because the babies look so alike.

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