Twins who celebrated their 100th birthday together: it is very touching story

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Having a twin who is 100% genetically similar to you is definitely unique. But what about spending 100 years side by side with a twin?

Even more strange is this! Meet the Wallace Twins, also known as Mary Bell Roach and May Bell Powell.

The twins, who still reside in Kentucky, were created on March 25, 1922. They had access to Murray State University. They occasionally used the similarity of their appearance in their investigations.

. The sisters taught in nearby classes for the subsequent 42 years.

The sisters‘ careers were put on pause in the 1940s when their husbands were called up to serve in the military.

The sisters moved to Detroit during the war and started working there without ever parting ways.

The family purchases mobile homes on wheels and traverses the country together once the husbands return from the war.

In addition to six cooperative cruises, the crazy ladies have traveled to all 50 states and 8 destinations in Europe.

Nothing can slow down this active pair now that they are 100 years old. Despite the fact that their wives have passed away, the women themselves, according to Roach, are still strong.

They take a 30-minute walk to the gym every day, and on Fridays, they can be met at the hair salon.

Powell and Roach recently shared a room in case one of them needed assistance in the middle of the night.

Roach claims, „We’re together all the time; we’ve never been apart.“ That is all we are aware of regarding loving one another.


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