A positive story: this two-legged sweet kitten has found her loving forever home and is quite happy

Interessante Gerüchte

Our wonderful story is about a sweet little Duck who unfortunately had his front legs amputated.

The previous life story of the kitten is not known. Love Meow states that the sweet kitten had that terrible injuries by settling up inside the engine bay of a car.

However, nobody knew what exactly happened with this sweetie.

Even though Duck lost her front legs this kitty stayed full of life and love for life.

When the kitten was rescued she was immediately taken to the vet clinic.

The kitty’s recovery process continued in a foster family where he received love and affection he needed to get well soon.

Duck earned the love of her new foster family and became a permanent member of the family.

The kitty didn’t lose her drive for life even though she lost her limb as a result of that terrible accident.

What’t the most exciting in her case is that she learned how to move around using her hind legs and talk for a good balance.

The family even offered a kitten wheelchair for her but she didn’t seem to like using it.

This sweet kitty kept staying positive in life and never gave up.

That’s what all of us need to learn from her

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