All the possible support to animals in Ukraine: a myriad of associations are mobilizing to help animal shelters


For several weeks, the peoples of the whole world have been holding their breath in the face of the advance of Russian troops on Ukrainian territory.

Local animal shelters are plunged into anguish: what will become of their proteges, if the situation continues to escalate?

A myriad of animal protection associations, some of which fly the blue, white, red flag, have decided to offer their support.

Spotlight on Les Anges de Lumi, Remember Me France and YouCare.

Ukraine is affected by gangrene, a necrosis that is increasingly eating into its bruised body.

The Russian army has invaded its lands since February 2022.

The population, in the throes of war, takes refuge in underground shelters or tries to flee to neighboring countries.

But let’s also not forget that amid the shooting and bombings stand the walls of animal shelters.

A situation that dogs, cats and other small animals do not necessarily understand.

However, they sometimes have to endure many difficulties.

Frightened and stressed, they can fortunately count on the support of volunteers.

Some risk their lives to provide them with the necessary care on a daily basis.

On February 28, the association Remember Me France relayed on its Facebook page the story of a Ukrainian family who was hiding in Kiev with 26 dogs, some belonging to them, another from a small shelter.

„A Ukrainian volunteer got her on the phone to try to help her, but he can’t find transport, there are only small cars that can take 2 dogs max, large vehicles are requisitioned by the Ukrainian army.

„If we managed to bring them to the Romanian border we could take care of them all, humans and animals.

They would not be separated,“ we can read on the social network.

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