Unable to walk, this cat meets new people and discovers the world through a transparent backpack

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Although Sarge cannot move normally due to a rare disease, she does go on adventures from time to time: her owner had the brilliant idea of ​​carrying her in a transparent backpack.

Sarge suffers from a severe case of cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological problem affecting the part of the brain that controls motor skills and movement coordination.

“She can’t walk at all; she lays on her side and she collapses all over the place she wants to go, but she’s not in pain,“ said Michelle Donlick, who runs the Avalo Cat Sanctuary in Aiken, South Carolina.

The 6-hectare property is home to over 350 cats, many of whom claim special needs, like Sarge. The latter was collected 2 years ago, when she was a few months old.

Her benefactor quickly realized that she liked being around humans. In order to make life better for the extremely sociable and friendly feline, Michelle bought a transparent backpack.

This accessory, equipped with ventilation holes, makes it possible to take the animal on an excursion in complete safety. It’s a way for Sarge to meet new people and experience the world.

“I wanted her to feel included, and with the backpack she can see everywhere,” her owner told People magazine, “people are so excited to see us and meet her.

[…] she moves a lot to be able to watch. She really likes the attention, she’s adorable. »

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