These sweet dogs living under the building are saved just in time for one to have babies


This cute story is about two dogs who have been miraculously saved by a group of people who noticed them under an abandoned school.

At first, they didn’t know that by being attentive and careful they are saving many lives.

Once a rescue in Los Angeles gets a call about the homeless dogs who were left in an abandoned school.

The rescuers rushed straight to the school and there was a pit bull welcoming her rescuers.

The pit bull was so happy to see her rescuers as they brought with them food for her.

Soon after investigating her more the rescuers found out that she was pregnant!

It was important to save the life of both dogs and the rescuers started to attract the hungry dogs with food.

The rescuers put a trap and after some time the German Shepherd was in the trap.

When the mother pit bull saw how her sweet friend was in the trap she was afraid and went to her initial hiding spot.

In order to save the mother’s life the rescuers decided to place another trap right in front of the hiding spot.

Later, the group hid and waited until the mother pit bull would get in the trap.

Soon some time later the sweet pit bull went out of her hiding spot and started to explore the trap.

The sweet puppy decided to enter the cage just in time the rain started.

The rescuers were so happy to finally being able to save these two cuties that according to police used to be wandering the streets.

After some time mother pit bull gave birth to her lovely babies and we are happy to see them in safe hands.

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