After receiving their son’s rare genetic diagnosis, his parents are proud of him and his unique hair

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Locklan Samples is only 16 months old and already an Instagram star. It’s all because of an extremely rare genetic condition that makes his hair always look messy.

When Locklan was born, there was no sign that his hair would be that unusual. Immediately after birth, it was black, like the hair of his mother, Caitlin.

However, by the time he was 6 months old, it was replaced by what his parents affectionately call “peach down”.

By nine months, Locklan’s hair was almost white. And it was very soft, with an unusual texture to the touch, and stuck out in all directions.

When Caitlin posted a photo of her son on Instagram, she was contacted by a man who suggested that the baby might have uncombable hair syndrome.

They were referred to a specialist at the nearest hospital, and the doctor admitted that she had seen a similar case only once in 19 years of work.

The diagnosis was confirmed. Uncombable hair syndrome is still very little known to medicine, although it was first introduced in the early 1970s (and given the name “glass hair”), it is a hereditary genetic disease.

It is also impossible to comb it. Because, due to its morphological structure, it doesn’t undergo any styling tests. But usually, apart from an unusual appearance, it grows at a normal pace.

The disease is typical for childhood – in most cases, the appearance of the hair normalizes by adolescence.

Fortunately, the boy is also developing completely normally and is healthy. He only has extremely sensitive skin (like other children with this syndrome).

The only problems that parents face daily is hairstyling.

Caitlin Samples admits she doesn’t typically try to comb her son’s hair. What’s more, she rarely has to wash his hair. His hair doesn’t get greasy or dirty – except when he plays in the mud. And it can stay soft and fresh for days.

The boy’s appearance brings a smile to the faces of most people, who say he looks like a “little rock star”.

Parents, however, know that as Lock gets older, he may have trouble keeping up with his peers. And his appearance may also begin to elicit different reactions.

So she wants to teach him, as she says, “it’s nice to stand out a little”.

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