The young woman who became famous for her unusual appearance decided to show her natural self

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Christina Ray is 28 years old, and she is known for her unusual appearance.

The reason for this is huge lips. In addition, the whole body of the young woman is covered with many tattoos and piercings.

Christina Ray began to change her appearance when she was only 17 years old.

Parents never supported their daughter in this. Mom was afraid that due to the abundance of procedures, Christina would have health problems, and the father began to be completely ashamed of his child.

Christina, on the contrary, was delighted with her modifications and was happy. But there is a limit to everything, and one day she realized that the situation was getting out of control.

She began to attract attention only as a freak, and people began to point fingers at her.

A strong blow for a woman was a divorce from her husband, who all the time reproached her for her non-standard appearance.

The man believed that her image provokes people to aggression. After parting with her husband, Christina cannot find a suitable match, and the guys who are interested in her are not the most normal.


The woman said that her appearance brought her fame, but did not make her happy. She also admitted that she could not find a job, and her extravagant data prevented her from leading a normal, full life.

An experienced TV show team undertook to help an extraordinary young woman change and start living a full life.

The surgeons removed Ray’s horns and reduced the volume of her lips. Psychologists also worked with her, who helped get rid of insecurities and become more self-confident.

And thanks to the efforts of stylists and makeup artists, Christina got a new image.

Seeing her transformation, Christina experienced a real delight from her beauty. And her father came to the final defile. He was very pleased to see the changes that had taken place with his daughter.

Christina promised that she would never return to her previous image, and is now finally ready to become truly happy.

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