Unusual friendship between a boy and three giant dogs: they are so beautiful

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A photo of a young boy and his giant Goldendoodle dogs recently went viral on social media, capturing hearts with its display of pure joy and affection.

Theo, a 6-month-old child, has a special bond with his fluffy pets, which are a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

His mother, Jessica, even has an Instagram page with 700,000 followers dedicated to her 6-year-old dog, Samson.

In addition to Samson, Jessica also has two other Goldendoodles, Charlie and Shea, both from the same litter and only one year old.

Theo’s relationship with the dogs is truly special. „It’s amazing how Theo’s relationship with the dogs is developing,“ says his mother.

Recently, Theo has started petting and scratching them and has become more aware of their presence.

People often joke that Theo might think he’s a dog too!

From a young age, Theo has had a calming effect on the dogs, and his mother believes that the bond between the two has played a significant role in his development.

Jessica believes that from the beginning, Theo felt the presence of dogs, which had a calming effect on him.

When he was only a week old, she placed him in the middle of the dogs, and he was beaming.

The main goal of Jessica’s Instagram page has always been to spread joy and cause laughter and smiles by talking about Samson.

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