Unusual houses of different African tribes: you will be surprised at these extraordinary houses

Interessante Gerüchte

There are peoples in our contemporary world that civilization has not yet reached. The primitive tribes still carry on with their way of life today.

As an illustration, Africa has some of the strangest homes made of things we would never even consider using for construction.

Today, we’d like to show you a sample of the homes inhabited by members of various African tribes.


Since hundreds of years ago, these people have been creating homes by drilling niches in the rocks. Listen, it’s really not so bad. With the help of this limestone rock, people can construct multi-story homes. By the way, it will be cold in the warmth of such a dwelling, and the temperature will be constant.

Long tunnels connect the rooms, giving the impression that the streets are underneath.

These homes‘ furnishings, which are likewise built of limestone and are dismantled after building, are another example.

The walls aren’t covered in wallpaper, but there are ornaments with different mythical animals.


This tribe lives on the move. They travel from one location to another in quest of new pastures with their livestock. They typically use improvised equipment and temporary housing.


Their homes are like this, since farming and animal husbandry are their primary occupations.

They construct a frame out of large logs, clothe it with dry rice stalks and grass so that it resembles sheaves, and add a little mink as the entrance.


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