USA’s strongest girl lifts 80 kg barbell: she has captured the world’s attention with her extraordinary strength

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Rory van Ulf, a 7-year-old Canadian girl from Ottawa, has captured the world’s attention with her extraordinary strength.

She has already lifted an 80 kg barbell, which is three times her body weight. Rory has become a sensation on social media, with over 228,000 followers on her Instagram account, where she shares photos of herself lifting weights and performing gymnastics.

Despite her young age, Rory has a manager and medical staff to take care of her health, but her father Cavan is her main support. He believes that Rory’s safety is more important than any victory or medal.

According to him, Rory is the strongest girl in the world at her age and stronger than any seven-year-old girl who has ever walked the earth.

Rory’s strength is not limited to weightlifting; she is also a talented gymnast. However, she prefers gymnastics as it does not involve lifting heavy weights above her head. Rory’s father allows her to lift weights, but it is unclear if it could harm her health in the long run.

Despite her impressive feats, Rory has no plans to become an Olympic weightlifter. Instead, she focuses on staying in shape and improving her strength.

Her passion and determination are evident in her eyes when she lifts weights, and she has her sights set on achieving big wins in the future.

In conclusion, Rory van Ulf is a remarkable young girl with extraordinary strength and talent. Her story has captured the world’s attention, and she serves as an inspiration to many.

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