Utah couple adopted limbless child from Philippines and gave him a forever home

Positive Schwingungen

Meet Maria, a 3-year-old child who started looking for a foster family at the age of 9 months.

His previous life is unknown because his initial residence was a special needs orphanage in Cavite, Philippines.

Adrianne and Jason Stewart, who live in Utah, fell in love with it right away, as CNN reported.

After then, the pair couldn’t stop thinking about their happy, animated expressions.

After a protracted process involving the signing of numerous documents, they went to the nation soon after to see their daughter in 2014.

Prior to this adoption, the Kind Stewards had a son from the Philippines.

Additionally, they had two biological daughters.

They had never considered adopting a special child before Maria.

But one image transformed their entire life.

Especially the woman who developed feelings for the defenseless infant.

The moment she saw his picture, her mother instinct began to take over. It was challenging, the woman admitted because they had no idea when Maria would ultimately master muscle control.

The couple is overjoyed to receive their baby girl, despite the fact that she is already three years old and her future is not quite certain.

They claim that the baby gave them strength and enabled them to adopt a more optimistic perspective on the world.

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