Vet acclaimed after sending adorable letter to reassure dog and family ahead of vaccination shot


A netizen shared on the community website Reddit the adorable letter that the veterinarian sent to his dog.

With great humor and delicacy, he recalled the date of his next vaccine and urged his patient „not to panic“ before the visit.

As the British daily Mirror pointed out so well, our hairballs do not always understand why a stranger in a white coat manipulates them in all directions and sticks a needle in their flesh.

Consultations with the veterinarian are often sources of anxiety for our 4-legged friends. And it’s not always owners‘ cup of tea, either.

A Reddit user recently shared his vet’s startling letter. It was a booster shot: his dog, named Suki, was soon to receive his vaccine.

It was with great humor that the practitioner addressed the animal in these terms: “Don’t panic, but the nice vet wants to see you.

Believe it or not, these annual vaccine boosters are very important in protecting you against serious dog illnesses.

In this special letter, the health professional even asked the patient not to hide the letter from its owner!“

“This letter should not be eaten or buried, but presented to your landlord who, as the responsible person, will telephone the veterinary practice and make an appointment within 14 days to receive a 10% discount.


Think of all the goodies he can buy!, the vet continues jokingly, oh, and while he rushes you to the door to come see me, tell him not to forget the vaccination card, if he Please. Hope to see you. »

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