Veterinary Team Throw Party to Celebrate Dog’s Victory Against Cancer: The Great Story Of The Day


This is the great story of the day. A stray dog ​​with cancer was rescued by the San Diego Humane Society (USA) in November 2020.

After walking a rocky road, the animal made a full recovery and even found family of his dreams.

In November 2020, the San Diego Humane Society took in an unfortunate dog with an emaciated body covered in fleas.

To make matters worse, the veterinary team diagnosed him with cancer, specifically a transmissible venereal tumor (TVT) reports People magazine.

This soul in pain had already suffered so much in the street, given his catastrophic condition… His rescuers did not give up and did everything possible to give him the life he always deserved.

This is how the chemotherapy sessions began for the one who was baptized Phoenix. A name which, as we will see later, suits it perfectly.

Despite the fairly heavy treatments, the cancer refused to leave the dog’s body for good. Dr. Colleen Tansey of VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital volunteered to provide electrochemotherapy to the patient.

During her days off, she went twice to San Diego for the sole purpose of helping the animal to overcome the disease, reveal our colleagues from across the Atlantic.

A great outpouring of solidarity was articulated around the ball of fur. Many people, mainly health professionals, reached out to him.

“Not only did we bring in an expert from Los Angeles to help us, but we had an amazing host family who made sure Phoenix was comfortable with the treatments and the entire medical team at San Diego.

Humane Society involved in his care,” the San Diego Humane Society hospital director said in a statement.

Thanks to this treatment, Phoenix rose from the ashes and triumphed over cancer. For a year, trainers have not detected any recurrence.

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