Volunteers make shelters for stray dogs from unused billboards


„Stand for Strays“, 3 little words behind which hides a great solidarity project. In Pak Kret, a suburb north of Bangkok (Thailand), many shelters for stray dogs have been built from unused billboards. Focus on this original initiative.

Stray animals are not always lucky enough to be protected from the weather.

In Thailand, Ajarn Yossaphon Chanthongjeen, a doctoral student in philosophy at the Rajamangala University of Technology, launched the “Stand for Strays” project to improve the well-being of these lost souls.

As Creapills explained in an article published on April 15, 2022, more than 300 dogs roam the streets of Pak Kret.

The big-hearted man imagined shelters that could be unfolded, integrated from unused billboards. When the useless becomes useful…

Thanks to Ajarn’s project, around twenty prototypes have already seen the light of day in various places in the city.

These small shelters are designed like parasols, that is to say that they can easily be unfolded by passers-by. Thus, everyone can contribute to the well-being of animals with a simple gesture.

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