The sweet shelter dog wanted to break the stereotype about pit bulls and decided to make his own bed every day


Very often people think pit bulls are an aggressive breed.

However, with time by discovering their nature you understand that they are the sweetest dogs!

This cute pit bull named Rush wanted to show the world that they were not right rejecting him.

This cutie had to live his whole life without family !

You can imagine how hard it is for him to live without the love of the family.

When he got accepted at the Pet Adoption center, finally he was able to find a family.

Rush was an adorable dog and he would surely get adopted some time later.

Let’s admit that it’s hard to prove the world that you are a good dog.

Our wonderful pit bull named Rush decided not to give up.

The sweet dog decided to make his bed each day hoping that someone would notice him and want to adopt!

The staff captured that sweet moment and as soon as they shared the video it got lots of responses.

Soon Rush found his forever home! The family saw how Rush is in reality.

He is smart sweet and affectionate!

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