The sweet cat welcomes warmly the orphaned kitten and every day happily teaches him how to hug

Interessante Gerüchte

Opie is a cute kitty who found love and care in his big brother Andy.

The rescuer of Opie was from Moonglade Rose who once came home with the lovely kitty in her hands.

The woman at first was not sure about her cat’s reaction to Opie.

To her surprise the sweet kitty gave Opie the sweetest ever hug in her life!

Opie immediately felt at home and loved! Andy’s warm welcome made her feel protected and safe.

Like a big protecting brother Andy stayed with her the whole night guarding and hugging her!

Such a cutie! The owners of Andy were super excited to see their cat being so caring to another kitty!

The kitty is in safe hands owners know that well!

Andy will always be by the kitty’s side taking care of her like a big brother.

Moonglade told the Love Meow “ My sweet cat Endy has never been so caring and loving towards his brother. He loves teaching his brother how to play, cuddle and hunt and even taught that cutie how to stand on his feet“.

Such a cute and heartwarming story!

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