Was an unwanted child and ran away from home: Depardieu’s childhood was unenviable

Interessante Gerüchte

Gérard Depardieu had a very challenging and occasionally hazardous childhood.

Furthermore, this is the fault of the actor’s parents. His life was already in jeopardy, even though he hadn’t technically yet been born.

Even while he was still a fetus, his own mother desired to have him removed.

The parents of Depardieu were typical, underprivileged farmers. There were already two children in the home when the wife became pregnant.

The parents realized that providing for them on their own would be even more challenging. So the mother made the decision to abort the child.

She even used knitting needles to pierce her tummy while doing this, but the child lived in spite of everyone else.

The actor’s father drank a lot because he was carrying too much weight. Gerard ran away from home at the age of 14 and got himself into some serious problems.

The majority of the young man’s clients were respectable men, and he committed robberies, raided tombs, and indulged in prostitution. Depardieu, however, was able to see the opportunity that fate had given him.

He and a friend took acting classes by chance, which helped him become the most well-known and wealthy actor in France.

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