The wildlife photographer was blessed to capture a rare yellow penguin in a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime photos

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We never can imagine how sweet the penguins can be !

These shots shared by the wildlife photographer will make your day!

Photographer named Yves Adams, a wildlife photographer, has shared pictures of the rarest yellow penguin.

The group of photographers stopped on an island in South Georgia in order to take unique photos of the penguin colony of more than 120,000 king penguins.

While taking pictures of wildlife animals Adams noticed something truly amazing.

“ It was the first time I noticed such a rare animal- a yellow penguin in my life“ he says.

It’s rare to see a penguin with a yellow plumage.

There were more than 120,000 penguins on the island and only one yellow penguin!

“We are blessed to know that the yellow penguin decided to land where we were taking photos. It was so unusual and beautiful!

The penguins unusual yellow plumage is due to leucism.

This leads to the loss of pigmentation.

What’s the most interesting to know is that penguins use yellow color in order to attract mates!

The yellow in its feathers differs from any other yellow pigment that was found in their diet.

Such an unusual and interesting meeting!

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