Watch airport detection dog getting sweetest retirement party: he worked properly


This is the endearing moment when a detecting canine is sent into retirement and given an endearing surprise.

The canine named TTirado gets a sendoff celebration he never expected after an eight-year career with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Instead of awards and prizes, the TSA presented him with a sea of tennis balls as a token of appreciation for his outstanding service. He relished the moment!

TTirado, a 10-and-a-half-year-old black lab, spent years as a detection canine at the Indianapolis International Airport, detecting dozens of baggage and keeping passengers safe.

So, when it came time to say goodbye to his successful career, his teammates planned a surprise for their devoted sniffer dog.

Four airport chairs were adorned with balloons, and a red bag was placed in front of them. TTirado was then summoned for one last whiff.

But, not long after he finished his job, a swarm of tennis balls descended from the sky, driving the dog into a frenzy. TTirado relished the opportunity. After so many years of service, it’s well deserved.

The two have already made plans to travel throughout the country, with a special focus on visiting the Ground Zero Memorial in New York City. Hector Luis Tirado Jr., a New York Engine 23 firefighter who died in the September 11th attacks, was the inspiration for the detecting dog.

„For TTirado, I have three trip objectives: New York City for the Ground Zero Memorial and FDNY Station 23, where his namesake worked, and Atlanta to meet one of Hector’s kids and his family, with whom we have maintained contact,“ handler Keith Gray stated.

„And then it’s on to San Antonio to see his foster family, who raised him from a puppy.“

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