Watch what conjoined twins look like after years: really amazing story

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View the evolution of conjoined twins over time.

Siamese twins are extremely uncommon, but nature occasionally surprises us.

In 1987, there were no diagnostic tools available in the small Lithuanian town of Alytus to identify the illness.

Daiva and Brunos, a young couple, were thrilled to learn they were having twins. 3,600 kg of delivery weight for two crane traps.

. They made the difficult choice to raise their kids apart in 1989. The procedure of separating conjoined twins was first carried out by neurosurgeon Alexander Konovalov.

The conclusion of this experiment, which could have had a very nasty outcome, was closely monitored by the entire globe.

The girls were given fruit following the operation, which they consumed themselves, struggled for their lives, and eventually survived, according to the doctors.

Of course, following the surgery, some characteristics of the twins remained.

Even now, due to the deformity of their heads, they are unable to wear their hair loose. But given how busy their lives have been, those things are insignificant.

Vilia and Vitali met Dr. Konovalov on a TV program when they were 28 years old.

They claimed to have both earned degrees in history, reside in Vilnius, and be actively writing books.

Neither of them married since they couldn’t find a husband like their father, who used to give his daughters all he had so they could live happy lives.

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