We must believe: Parents of conjoined twins share their unusual story with us

Interessante Gerüchte

Hannah and Dan, who recently became parents, revealed their experience of anxiety and faith as their children fused from the breast to the pelvis from birth.

The babies have the same fused bladder, intestines, and limbs but have separate hearts.

They will have surgery, which the doctors believe will successfully separate their organs.

The parents claimed that, despite their mental preparation, giving delivery was a painless process at the time.

As brand-new parents, Hannah and Dan acknowledged that they had little knowledge of conjoined twins.

When Annabelle and Isabelle were born to them, it was a novel and strange event for them.

The pair wishes for the best outcome.

During the first trimester of her pregnancy, Hanna recounted,

„We went for an early scan and there was a heartbeat, then we had a major surprise – it came out they were twins and we had to see a doctor at a local hospital.

The doctor’s photograph suddenly appeared to us while we were staring at it, and I inquired, „Are they merged?“  „Yes,“ the doctor said in response.

Hannah recalled that everyone thought it was a miracle when they finally made it to the 35th week of pregnancy, since the babies had a tremendous appetite for life.

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