What an amazing dog that lost her snout while saving two girls dies in her sleep at 13


We all know that dogs are capable of remarkable things, but every once and then, they are given the chance to show it the blog author

Kabang, for example, saved two girls from being struck by a motorcycle.

It happened in the Philippines several years ago, and we are sad to inform that Kabang has died.

Dr. Anton Lim, the dog’s veterinarian, made the announcement, saying Kabang died quietly in her sleep.

Her owner died almost five years ago, and she has being cared after by the veterinarian ever since.

Kabang was born in 2008 and rose to fame after saving two toddlers from being hit by a bike lately.

Sadly, the small dog lost her snout in the process.

Because so many people were moved by what this small dog accomplished, she was named the ambassador of dog will and an official emblem of pet ownership.

She was also an outspoken opponent of animal abuse.

Kabang was taken to the United States for snout repair when people from all around the world learned about what she’s done.

According to the magazine, she was treated at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

During the five-hour treatment, they corrected various abnormalities in addition to restoring her snout.

Kabang lived to be 13, which is a very old age for a dog. She will be greatly missed.

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