What does the baby look like after 3 years: who became famous thanks to his magnificent hairstyle

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In 2017, a baby named Chanko Kano was born in Japan. The girl had beautiful hair from birth, and it became better and longer every month.

The mother started posting pictures on an Instagram page when the child was six months old.

Little Chanco gained a lot of followers after a while.

The young woman rose to fame because of her stunning hair, and about a year later, she accepted an invitation to serve as the spokesperson for a well-known shampoo company.

She also appeared in a video that was regularly aired on regional television.

Following then, Chanco became known in other nations. The activity on his social media profile soared, and more than 100,000 people became subscribers.

It was exciting to see the chrysalis develop.

The infant eventually entered into contracts with various fashion magazines, and she started to feature on the front pages of glitzy periodicals.

Chanko’s hair is still quite thick and voluminous, but it has grown more „standard, medium“ with age. To prevent maintenance issues, they occasionally need to be shortened.

The girl is currently three years old, and her career is continuing to advance.

She participates in a variety of events and performances, makes television appearances, and her parents are interviewed.

She is now well-known in her own right; her hair is no longer her most distinctive trait.

Her profile has more than 400,000 subscribers, and she already has trendy contracts and events planned with her participation.

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