What does now the most strange couple whose wedding was discussed by millions 10 years ago

Positive Schwingungen

Ten years ago, no one would have questioned the young bride and groom’s claim to have „discovered each other.“

At the wedding ceremony and elsewhere, they both seemed so out of the ordinary.

Not all readers were able to view the photographs from this intriguing couple’s wedding ten years ago.

That is why we are presenting them, even if at the time they were widely discussed online.

You would not be incorrect if you assumed that the majority of the announcements at the time were unfavorable.

Even the casual ones were a little taken aback by the informal pair when they gave them a harsh review.

Naturally, there was a wide range of hypotheses on how the unique marriage may fare in the future.

In actuality, they are parents to two kids and hardly stand out from most of their classmates.

Only the husband’s long hair is the same, and the girl’s former „strangeness“ has vanished.

This family is another example of how choosing your career and environment, rather than relying on the opinions of others, may make you happy.

Appearance has nothing to do with happiness.

Happiness is in a person’s soul.

Happiness is priceless. Be happy in your soul.

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