What emotions: a paralyzed Briton walked along the beach with his children for the first time

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To each his own happiness. For Briton Simon Kindlysides, this is the first time he has walked along the beach with his children.

Five years ago, a man was diagnosed with a serious illness, which left him paralyzed from the waist down.

But thanks to a special exoskeleton, Simon was able to walk again – that’s why such walks with children became real happiness for him.

After appearing on television one day, a mysterious stranger paid $130,000 for a custom ReWalk robotic exoskeleton, specially designed for the man.

Thanks to the exoskeleton, Simon was able to walk again, spend time with his family and enjoy life twice over.

Recently, a 36-year-old man took his children to the beach for the first time.

The fact is that previously no one dared to walk in this design on the sand because of its features. Simon decided to give it a try and ended up being the first person to walk a beach in an exoskeleton.

“I’ve never walked on the beach with my son and daughter – usually they only walk with my wife – so that was something. They were so happy that I was with them. Incredible emotions” says the man.

“I want to create memories for the children. I don’t want the kids to remember how I lay in bed and whine, I want them to remember how I walked with them along the beach and threw stones in the water“, continues the man.

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