What happened to the baby in the famous Hand of Hope photo: He’s already over 20

Interessante Gerüchte

This picture became viral on the Internet 23 years ago. This picture was shot by Dr. Bruner when he was doing an extremely difficult procedure.

During an ultrasound in 1999, a pregnant American woman was given a diagnosis that was both grave and discouraging.

There was a serious spinal deformity in the unborn child. This child won’t even be able to sit up by himself, according to the experts.

Immediately, something had to be done. It was decided to do an intrauterine procedure right away.

And it will be obvious after this procedure whether the youngster will be able to live his life to the fullest extent possible.

The unborn child’s hand unintentionally grabbed Dr. Bruner’s finger during the procedure.

The photographer who was present during the procedure was able to catch this particular moment.

This image, known as „Hand of Hope,“ quickly went viral and was seen all over the globe.

After a successful operation, the kid was given the opportunity to live a healthy and normal life.

The infant in this image is named Samuel Alexander Armas. He was conceived on December 2 of the same year as the procedure.

When he was 11 years old, the youngster looked like this.

Thus, the current situation. Despite the young man’s restrictions brought on by the pathologies he experienced, he is nonetheless able to lead an active life.

The man doesn’t just sit around the house in his free time. He swims and enjoys hiking.


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