The most beautiful and marvellous twin sisters amazing transformation: Let’s see now

Positive Schwingungen

Beautiful twins Ava and Leah were born to Jaka and Kevin Clements on July 7, 2010.

Many people observed the girls‘ model data as they started to grow.

Mom then registered two girls who were six months old with a California modeling agency.

However, it never materialized because the parents realized that the children should develop as full-fledged children and not start working at a young age.

Jackie’s acquaintance was seeking young models to promote the shop when the twins were 7 years old.

After that, they were inundated with offers of collaboration. Ava and Leah are now 10 years old and employed by LA Models.

The girls managed to participate in several Levi’s and Converse shows and appear in commercials for companies like Nike, Disney, Mattel, and Target despite their young age.

Of course, they attend classes for dance and swimming and interact with friends.

Their mother has 1.7 million followers on her Instagram page, where she posts pictures of her daughters.

Their father Kevin received a cancer diagnosis last year.

The girls sought assistance because they required a donor. Thankfully, the illness was beaten, but because the man is still weak, he is in the hospital.

We send Kevin’s family our best wishes for a quick recovery!

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