When doctor discovers that a woman is expecting a baby with twin girls : find out what she does then

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In 2012, Shellie Tucker learned she was carrying conjoined twin girls at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

„When the doctor told me I was having twins, my heart stopped.

My heart stopped once more when he said, „I think they’re conjoined,“ Shellie reported to the news.

The twins‘ bodily organs were identical.

The high-risk pregnancy expert then told Shelley that it was doubtful that her children would make it through a divorce.

Siamese kids apparently have a survival rate between 5 and 25% on average, and 75% of separation operations are successful even when at least one of the two children lives.

Shellie was urged by the expert to get rid of them.

But Shellie said, „I could feel my little girls‘ feet kicking around in my stomach as he was telling me this, and I knew it was not an option for me.

Having made the decision to keep the children, Shellie baptized Allison and Amelia.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia provided a second medical opinion, and it was determined that the two children could coexist apart.

When Shellie gave birth, she was blown away by her two little girls.

At the age of 9 months, Amelia and Allison were then separated by 40 doctors, who took turns to carry out an operation lasting more than 7 hours.

The operation was a success.

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